Redhead Duck


Redhead Duck

General Description of Red Head Duck: The redhead Duck (Aythya americana) is a medium-sized diving duck, and regionally in Pakistan identify as thuranda or thorando.

Full Description: Male redhead Duck have a Dark reddish head and upper neck with a black from lower neck and fore back and breast.the remaining back is a darkish grayish coloration. The hind back and tail are brownish-black. A broad band of sunshine grey extends throughout the dusky grey wing and out onto the primaries, which helps distinguish it from scaup. The legs and toes are grey, and the invoice is mild blue-grey with a whitish band behind a comparatively vast black tip.  Feminine redheads have a reddish-brown head, neck and breast, with a buff white chin and throat and an vague eye ring and stripe behind the eye. The flanks are warmish brown, contrasting little with the breast, however with buffer fringes. The higher parts are darker and duller brown, with the higher-wing-coverts browner than on the male; in any other case the wing is much like that of the male. The bill is duller than the male’s, however comparable in pattern.

Redhead Duck ( close to aspect Redhead male and far facet feminine redhead )

redhead duck

Measurements and Weights:

Latin: Aythya americana
Average size: M 20″, F 19″
Average weight: M 2.four lbs., F 2.1 lbs.

Redhead Duck Call

Size & Shape:

Redhead ducks are medium-sized diving ducks with a smoothly rounded head and a reasonably giant bill.

Coloration Pattern :

Male Redheads are a dapper combination of cinnamon head, black breast and tail, and neat grey body. Females and immature are a plain, largely uniform brown. Redheads have black-tipped, grey bills, and in flight they show grey flight feathers.


In migration and winter, look for Redhead ducks in massive rafts.Typically with different species together with Canvasbacks, scaup, wigeon, and American Coots. They normally dive for his or her meals, though they use shallower water than different diving geese and should feed by tipping up, like a dabbling duck. and these Redhead Duck normally reside with Common Coot and so they bread nearly in nights and four to six feets deep water lakes of recent water

Migration and Wintering: A big migration Redhead duck hall extends from southwestern Manitoba and southeastern Idaho to the Gulf Coast. As well as, some redhead duck migrate eastward from the northern prairies to the Nice Lakes, after which onward to the Chesapeake Bay and Florida. It’s estimated that eighty % of the North American redhead duck inhabitants winters within the Laguna Madre of Texas and Mexico. Smaller numbers of redheads winter in Apalachee Bay, Fla., alongside the Chandeleur Islands, Yucatan Peninsula and the Atlantic coast from Rhode Island to Florida.In Pakistan Redhead duck Come early then different migratory birds they Got here With Common Coot and Keep at Giant and deep Lakes.. in Pakistan they Got here right here in late july to early August and depart Pakistan in late February to Early March.

Food habits: Redhead ducks dive to feed on seeds, rhizomes, tubers of pond weeds, wild celery, water lilies, grasses and wild rice. Additionally they feed on mollusks, aquatic bugs and small fish.

Inhabitants:The North American Waterfowl Administration Plan for redheads ducks is 760,000 North American birds. The inhabitants measurement has elevated up to now few many years to well over 1.four million birds. 

Male Redhead Duck

Redhead Duck male

Feminine RedHead Duck

Redhead Duck Female


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