Spot billed Duck ,Indian Spot-billed Duck


Spot billed Duck

Spot Billed Duck , Anas poecilorhyncha – also known as the Spot-billed Duck or Indian Spot billed Duck is Dabbling Duck.

in Pakistan locally name as Hunjher Duck, or Hunjher Bird or Hunjer duck and it Breads in Tropical and Eastern Asia.

Population justification
A combined population of spot billed Duck is  estimate of 150,000-1,100,000.

General Description :

This is a Mallard duck -sized mainly gray color with the head and neck and project Black Law tends bright yellow . The wings are white with black flight feathers below, and appear above the telescope is bordered by white and green ( = characteristic correction wing ) and tertials white ( = flight feathers that are closest to the body of the bird along the wing ) . The male has a red spot on the base of the bill, which is absent or unclear in the female is smaller but similar otherwise. Juvenile is browner and duller than adults. And Spot bill Chinese is brown . It lacks the red spot bill , her blue telescope .

Spot billed Duck

Spot billed duck

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