Spot-billed duck (Anas poecilorhyncha)



Spot-billed duck (Anas poecilorhyncha)

Spot-billed duck also called as spotbill is a dabbling duck which breeds in tropical and eastren Asia, It has three subspecies known as Indian , Eastren and Burmese spot-billed ducks. these ducks have yellow and red spots on bills so named as spot-billed ducks.

These duck are similar in size with mallards.

The Spot-billed Duck has a light-grey-brown head and neck with a dark blackish crown and eye-stripe, chest and underparts are pale buff or whitish with brown spots, the back, rump and upper-tail are blackish-brown, wings are whitish with black feathers below with a white-bordered green speculum above and white tertials. The beak is black and tipped with bright yellow and there is an orange red spot at the base of the beak. Legs and feet are a yellow-orange colour.

Size and shape

These ducks weigh about 1.74 to 3.31 lb

Both sexes look similar. The Eastern Spot-billed Duck lacks the red spot at the base of the beak and has a dark brown plumage (similar to a Pacific Black Duck) and has a blue speculum.

Behavior and habitat

This duck is resident in the southern part of its range from Pakistan and India to southern Japan , but the northern subspecies, the Eastern Spot-billed Duck, is migratory, wintering in Southeast Asia. Its breeding season is  July to October in northern India, and November to December in southern India.


These are treated as game birds and least concern.

Spot Billed Duck

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