hunting in the end of winter



Make the most of  hunting in the end of winter.

hunting in the end of winter Started when Ducks and Waterfowl Migrate from Its Breeding area in the month of November and December the journey of these migratory birds starts from Siberia (Russia)  through Afghanistan who land in Pakistani lakes and ponds of seepage. and these Ducks Starting to Comeback to its Breeding area’s and this is time Which is known as “Hunting in The end of Winter ” Season started. This season is just for 15 to 25 days.

That route towards Pakistan is also called as the Green Route or more commonly Indus Flyway , These migratory birds fly from Siberia to Afghanistan, Karakorum range, across river Indus in Pakistan and finally towards
India every year.

During their journey, the birds make stopovers at lakes and water basins at Nowshera, Tanda Dam in Kohat, Swat, Chitral, Punjab and at Haleji, Keenjhar , nareri and Lungsee  lakes in Sindh.

These birds consist of waterfowl, hobara bustards, cranes, teals, mallards, geese, spoon bills, waders, falcons , gadwalls , flamingos, spot billeds , coots , herons and etc.

Experience of hunting in the end of winter is awesome  when Birds are in its peak in term of health and they cover there Body with fat and high healthy duck meat.

Hunting in the end of winter


By the end of February they start flying back home and they take the same route from they came, a large number of these migratory birds goes to India or sea grounds on the south of Pakistan and a small number of birds remain in interior parts of Pakistan in some ponds lakes or other suitable places.

Hunting in the end of winter

Hunters mostly can get these during the days of arrival or return, a large number of these birds goes to India and on the departure these rest in small ponds and this is the time to get the most of these so February has ended and these are making way back so get set and ready for the adventures of field of hunting.


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