American Wigeon Duck


American Wigeon Duck

The American wigeon (Anas americana), also American widgeon or baldpate, is a species of dabbling duck found in North America. This species is classified with the other wigeon in the dabbling duck genus Anas, which may be split, Into American Wigeon Duck and Eurasian Wigeon Duck

Description of American Wigeon: 

Found on the common duck and increasingly abundant , and American Wigeon breeds in northwestern North America and in the rest of the continent in migration and in winter. In a draft law and a small forehead white male , as well as certain aspects of the behavior of nesting and feeding , distinguishes this kind of ducks and other workout.

Adult Description of American Wigeon Duck:

Male Description of American Wigeon Duck: White or cream -colored forehead and fore crown and large dark green expanse that extends from behind the eye to the nape of the neck . Bill is a bluish-gray with a black tip . Cheeks and chin gray. Breast , sides and back , and pink -brown color. Rear wings appear white patch . Coverts black under tail.

Varying amounts of white and green color on the head. Under tail coverts are black in different proportions , with some eggs. In all plum ages, male white patch on the upper wing shows , telescope and a dark green color.
Male  American Wigeon Duck
American Wigeon duck
Female Description of American Wigeon Duck:Prime seems generally gray, finely blended with white streaks and dark . Breast and wings and a pale reddish brown . Mantle is gray brown with some orange ban. Bill small and gray, with a black tip .
 Facts about American Wigeon Duck:
American Wigeon and formerly known as “Baldpate” because the white stripe looks like a bald head and a man. And the American Wigeon is a rare anomaly, but regularly to Europe, where he turns up in flocks of Eurasian Wigeon.
Project short-law of the American Wigeon being able to exert more force when party bill of ducks and other workout, allowing slide efficiency and plucking of vegetation. American Wigeon duck workout is likely to leave the water and feed on plants in the fields.
However, in the fields of nutrition on grain such as corn, it is rather rare.
The diet of the American Wigeon has a high proportion of plant material from the diet of duck any other workout.
It is the oldest American Wigeon at least 21 years and 4 months old.


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